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San Giovanni

Gruppo Teatrale Lavori "di" corsa

   Church of St. John the Baptist

The Church of St. John the Baptist was built as a simple chapel around 1300 . After several changes over the centuries , in 1828 it achieved its today's structure when the important dome  above the presbytery was completed with four robust pillars, with a height of 32 metres  from the ground. The interior has a single central nave with two larger chapels in the transept and six smaller baroque chapels, which wind along the nave. On the vault there are three great paintings by Francesco Colella from Nicastro,describing the salient moments of St. John's life  . In addition to the marble statue of the Baptist, coming from the abbey of S. Eufemia Vetere and placed on the  main portal, there are  ancient wooden statues representing  the Madonna of the Suffrage , St. Catherine of Alexandria, St. John the Baptist and St. Anthony ,the latter sculpted at the end of the seventeenth century and belonging to  the Capuchin Convent of .  There is also an altarpiece depicting the "Last Supper" by Giuseppe Pascaletti , a  painter from Fiumefreddo Bruzio- CS,  and another canvas of  the Virgin of the Rosary, that is  being restored. The Church experienced seismic events several times , but  it was restored, enlarged and enriched with valuable sacred furnishings thanks to people's contribution. After the last seismic disaster, in September 1905, the decoration of the facade on the ancient Renaissance portal was completed . In 1999 the architect Natale Proto designed the main altar, enriching it with symbolism. The mensa is made of 12 different types of marbles representing the community of apostles: it  rests on a base of 12 rough stone blocks  recalling the 12 tribes of Israel. The Marble represents the perfect and shining Church of the New Testament, which is based on the rough stones of the Old Testament. On the antepedium  there are  two golden circumferences:  in the larger one   the body and the legs of a lamb in a bush recall the  Old Testament. The head of the lamb, symbol of Christ, is in the lower circumference. Each part stands on its own , but everything is connected  . In the Church there is also a 18th-century organ, which is currently being restored


Cristina Funaro

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